5 UX Design Principles that Apply to Marketing

remote controlA couple of lifetimes ago I was part of the User Experience team at Thomson Consumer Electronics, working on the interfaces for satellite receivers, DVD players, and HDTVs. We used some guiding principles to ensure that customers had a good experience with our products, and I think a number of them can also apply to marketing.

  1. The Iterative Process of Design – No matter how hard you try, you can always do better the next time, so never stop evolving your marketing strategies.
  2. Simpler is Better – Everyone thinks that they want a lot of choices, but the reality is that people respond better to fewer choices. Has anyone ever said to you “You don’t know what you’re missing”? Well, if the product works as it should, you won’t care if something is missing.
  3. Limit Distractions – Get away from the clutter and limit distractions in order to help the customer accomplish the task at hand.
  4. First Impressions Matter – The design needs to be enticing. You need to make people want to interact with your product.
  5. Acknowledge Customer Actions – I think this is one of the most important principles of design and marketing. In the same way that you want to get feedback when you click a button, your customers want to be acknowledged when they reach out to you. At a minimum, respond to let them know that their voice was heard – then you can solve their problem later.

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